Advantages of Having a Tactical Pen

When the odds are stacked against you and you find yourself in a threatening situation, having a tactical pen can make a difference. It’s a great multipurpose tool that can help you level the field. A tactical pen is an amazing force multiplier which will serve you well, whether you’re tall or short, old or young, male or female.

Although it’s a fairly new product, the tactical pen has become an increasingly common defense tool. It’s compact and can be hidden in plain sight, and the best part is that it doesn’t require any license to carry. It’s a very helpful tool, especially for those who are frequently involved in outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

What to use it for?

Most of these tactical pens are made from aircraft-grade aluminum metal and are very strong. On one end of the device is an actual pen that can be used to take notes or sign documents. However, on the other end, there’s an impact point which can be used against a threat should you have to.

Simple, powerful, and unassuming yet perfectly legal, a tactical pen presents you with a practical option for personal safety and self-defense that is progressive when it needs to be as well as realistic and truly accessible.

When to use it?

The tactical pen serves as a less-than-lethal defense tool and gives you options that are scalable in case you are faced with a potentially dangerous or threatening situation. The tactical pen also lets you brandish it without the need to worry about any legal recourse whatsoever.

If you were to pull out a knife or gun, you’d most likely have to explain to law enforcement why you deemed it necessary to display force using a deadly weapon. Your actions would have to be in alignment with what a person should do in a similar situation as yours or you’ll be facing possible arrest.

There are many outdoor activities that can go bad, and you may need a nonlethal weapon. In such cases, having a tactical pen will serve you good. Besides, not every one of us is cut out to carry a lethal weapon such as a knife or a gun. However, most of us carry a pen, so why not get a tactical pen instead? You can prepare yourself in a pre-emptive manner as soon as you identify the potential threat and you’ll be able to present as a hard target.

A tactical pen is small and seemingly harmless, but it can inflict serious damage or even lethal force if it’s in trained hands. It’s what you need if you’re faced with an increasingly dangerous situation that is moving quickly towards physical confrontation.

A tactical pen should be a part of a survival kit for everyone who regularly goes hiking or camping as it’s a brilliant nonlethal weapon with multiple uses.